Walrond: Correct oversight

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Walrond: Correct oversight
Wayne Walrond (FILE)

While lauding the recent appointments of hundreds of public workers, trade unionist Wayne Walrond said a “mischief” was created which now has to be rectified.

Speaking at the 76th conference of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) held on Thursday via Zoom for the first time, Walrond, the assistant general secretary, said some Government workers who were employed for ten years or more did not get appointed because they had not worked for three continuous years, mainly due to acting in positions and other circumstances.

“The 2020 Public Service Appointments Act was much welcomed, which saw hundreds of public officers receiving permanent appointments. However, a mischief was created when the provisions of mixed service in the Public Service (Appointment) Act, 2020 was ignored. The interpretation applied was that continuous service only refers to being in one post for three years prior to October 1, 2020.

“This gross injustice has seen officers with over ten years of service, in many instances, not being appointed, while persons with merely three years of service or so received their permanent appointments. The insanity of this situation is that public officers have been penalised for acting in higher posts or being reverted to their former post. The NUPW is adamant that this injustice must be rectified.” (MB)