UPDATE: Boy traced

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UPDATE: Boy traced
Keadon Kismar Franklyn (GP)

Keadon Franklyn, 11, of Butler’s Avenue, Spooner’s Hill, St Michael, who was reported missing by his mother Harriet Holligan on Monday, was traced today and is safe.

The Royal Barbados Police Force would like to thank members of the public and media for their assistance. (PR)

‘Soca’ found in a well
Kelvin Wilkinson (GP)

‘Soca’ found in a well

A 75-year-old man who was last seen on Saturday was found in a well at Proute Road, My Lord’s…

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Kyle Mayers has produced with the bat for West Indies and wants to do the same with the ball. (FP)

June 2020 CXC certificates available for private candidates
The Ministry of Education. (FILE)

Mayers strikes twice, but Sri Lanka build a lead

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Bar Association ‘deeply concerned’ by report regarding treatment of student

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