This type of service by GTT needs to stop

Dear Editor,

Allow me to share my frustration as it regards our internet service provider – no other than Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company! It is now day two without any Wi-Fi service (currently writing this by my cousin’s house). This has caused major setbacks as regards my work in the submission of reports among other things. Since our internet went off we have been calling the Customer Care number; one person told us retry in 10 minutes. That did not work, the second attempt of talking to another representative said, ‘maybe in 5 days’ time things will be rectified’. We asked for a technician, we have to wait until Monday! I understand it is the weekend, however if our bills are due and we are late the fact is our service will be discontinued from the company! This type of service in Guyana needs to stop. We deserve better. We really do! I do hope GTT can get this sorted out as soon as possible.


Tanya Niamatali