Pain motivated Carolyn Paul to build life of service

Rebounding from what she described as a “painful” experience, Carolyn Paul made a quantum leap in her professional life from banking to working with the vulnerable and helping to empower others; the mother of two believes she is right where she was destined to be.

“It was painful at first, but in retrospect I believe that pushed me into my purpose,” she told Stabroek Weekend. Paul was speaking about an experience that saw her exiled from the banking sector, where she had spent 11 years.  She said she made it with support from of many, inclusive of her husband, Hekeima Paul, relatives and friends.

Paul was among six Republic Bank employees who were dismissed in 2007 following the disappearance of $8 million from an ATM even though no evidence implicated them. The five women and one man had vehemently protested their treatment by the bank and the police and alleged that their rights were violated during the process.