No distribution of plants currently being done says Forestry Division

The video recently circulated via social media regarding the trees at the Grand Bay Plant Nursery was published without the authorization of the Forestry Division.

Currently, there is an on-going reforestation program being done by the Ministry of Environment and spearheaded by the Forestry Division. Under this program, eight nurseries have been erected across the island and are in operation. However, before the plants are distributed, it is mandatory and essential for the plants to be first treated for pests and diseases. This step, which the Forestry Division is now undergoing, is necessary to reduce the risk of harm to croplands and natural vegetation.

Ergo, the General public is hereby informed that no distribution is being done now and will be advised when such time has arrived. The Forestry Division is pleased by the expression of interest in reforestation and looks forward to

working with the members of the public to replant the Nature Island.

For further information please contact the Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division at Tel: 266-5852.