Educators must do better at treating their students with respect

Dear Editor,

Permit me space to touch on an important topic affecting children across our country, but before I do let me commend the students and educators on learning new techniques and advancing themselves technologically during this pandemic. The playing field has been leveled and the opportunity to advance education to first world methods has presented itself.

The burning issue I want to share is one that students endure at the hands of some educators at all levels of learning. Students are verbally and emotionally abused by their educators. This may sound harsh and ungrateful but it’s the truth. Many students, including myself, tolerated and tolerate it, because of fear of victimization. But, I strongly believe the time has come when educators from nursery to university must be cognizant of what they say and how it is said; how they act and how they react; what they believe and what is socially acceptable.

Children of this era are conscious of themselves, their emotions, their sexuality and their rights. Educators must do better at treating their students with the same respect they expect these students to deliver to them. Students should never feel threatened by their educators, students should never feel depressed because of their educators, educators should not show favour, nor should they belittle students or their gender preference, they should not shun students or openly speak about their flaws.

I am pleading with our educators to create an environment that allows students to express themselves openly, their opinions, gender preference, religious beliefs etc. The time has come for education to evolve, every other sector has! We can no longer manage and discipline like in the 1960’s.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address supplied)