Dawkins search in Sandy Bay comes up empty

An intelligence-based investigation that led search teams into Sandy Bay on Wednesday to locate missing Clarendon teacher Nattalie Dawkins ended in futility.

“We got information that that’s where she might be,” disclosed a police source who was addressing a group of teachers who had gathered to locate their colleague.

An area of interest on a map used by investigators was identified as the house of a relative of Jeff Bedward, the man killed in a shoot-out with the police on Saturday.

Bedward and another man who eluded the police were said to be in possession of Dawkins’ Toyota Wish motor car.

Inspector of Police Tedroy Clarke spoke to the decision to venture into Sandy Bay.

“We focused on the Sandy Bay area due to information that had been garnered from our committed stakeholders, the public, police investigation, etc,” he said.

One Sandy Bay resident who spoke with The Gleaner described the now-deceased Bedward as a “simple-looking, ordinary little boy”. But subsequent to his death, police and residents have painted Bedward as a suspect in several murders.

“Sometime a go, a friend of mine told me that the little boy say him want to be like Duppy Flim,” he said.

Marlon ‘Duppy Flim’ Perry, the man once dubbed Jamaica’s most wanted criminal, was killed by the police in St Thomas in 2017.

The Clarendon police say they are following strong leads into the educator’s disappearance as the investigations continue.

– Olivia Brown