Colin Ming passes away after accident with ambulance

An ambulance driver is in custody after an accident yesterday afternoon resulted in the death of businessman, Colin Ming today.

The police today said that on 1st April 2021 at about 2.15 pm on JB Singh  Road and Thomas Lands, Georgetown  an accident occurred involving minibus (Ministry of Health ambulance) # PVV 7693 and motorcycle # CE 614 ridden by Ming MMR of Mings Products and Services.

The police say that the ambulance driver alleges that he was proceeding north along Irving Street at about 45kmph  and had on the siren while sounding his horn and as he was crossing the intersection of JB Singh and Thomas Road, the motorcycle which was proceeding on JB Singh Road collided with the rear  right side portion of the ambulance.

As a result of the collision the motorcyclist fell onto the roadway and suffered injuries about his body. He was picked up in a conscious condition by Emergency Medical Technicians  and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he is currently admitted a patient in a stable condition. He died today of multiple injuries.

Both vehicles were damaged. A breathalyzer test was conducted on the driver of #PVV 7695 but no trace of alcohol was found on his breath.

Notice of intended prosecution has been prepared and served, the police said. The ambulance driver remains in custody.

Ming was well known in squash, golfing and racing circles. He also played a key role at the Georgetown Club. 

Businessman Stanley Ming issued the following statement today on his brother’s passing:

I am lying in my hammock at home, as l usually do every evening, recapping the events of the day and thinking about what tomorrow may bring.

Yesterday, was a typical day when a dear friend Sonia Noel dropped by, to have a cup of tea and a chat, as l often do from time to time with many dear friends.

As a routine, at the end of every day, Colin would come up to my office at around 5:00pm. to sit with John and myself, as we each enjoy a small bag of roasted local peanuts, while we have a chat about whatever one of us felt like bringing up, and exchanging thoughts and opinions.

A simple and very enjoyable way to conclude the day before we went our separate ways home.

Yesterday however, Colin came up at around 11:30 am. while Sonia was there, and ate a bag of peanuts by himself, as Sonia engaged him in a chat about golf and new young women being introduced to the sport.

Now that l am recapping the events of yesterday, l realise that he came to enjoy his last bag of roasted peanuts, which l keep in a jar in my office.

I must admit that l am completely devastated and in a state of shock.

As brothers who were very close for over 66 years, struggling together since childhood, to develop ourselves, we never allowed anyone to divide us. Like all siblings we had our fair share of rows and different opinions over the years, but always looked out for each other.

Colin cannot be replaced, and l have lost a significant part of my being.

I feel very sad 😢😢😢, but at the same time very strong, with all the support around me, as l am steeled to ensure that his family and mine are now my responsibility, until my time comes. ✌️🙏