Coconut vendors back on Sundays

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Coconut vendors back on Sundays
Coconut vendor “Mr West” on the job at the Newton, Christ Church section of the ABC Highway. (FILE)

Government has made a conscious decision to allow coconut vendors to continue their Sunday tradition, says Attorney General Dale Marshall.

He said part of the reason behind the exemption for the group, while other vendors were prohibited from selling on Sunday, had to do with them operating from specific locations.

Speaking on Starcom Network’s radio call-in programme Down To Brass Tacks on Thursday, he explained that the decisions were not pulled out of the air by him, but there was a committee comprising health and Cabinet officials which worked through the COVID-19 directives before they were issued.

“We know that there is a significant [number] of vendors of coconuts on Sundays. We felt they operate in specific locations and we would give them an opportunity to ply their trade,” he said. (AC)