Central Village rocked by murder, firebombing

Rasbert Turner/Gleaner Writer

Residents of Central Village and Windsor Heights were rattled by violence during the coronavirus lockdown as gunmen went on a rampage in both communities over the weekend.

The attacks have been reportedly triggered by an internal gang feud.

Dead is Shaquille Bucknal, a 24-year-old labourer of Windsor Heights.

The circumstances surrounding Bucknal’s murder are unclear, but he was reportedly killed about 3:30 a.m. on Sunday.

The body was found in a pool of blood, an investigator told The Gleaner.

Meanwhile, a six-room board and concrete structure at Big Lane was set alight by gunmen.

It was reported that residents that fire was observed coming from a dwelling occupied by five adults and a one-year-old infant.

“We are left with just the clothes on our backs and we need urgent help. We don’t know who burn down the house and find what reason, but right now we need help,” Muriel Brown said.

Brown said that the dwelling was occupied by her daughter, who recently moved out. Other family remained at the premises.

“This is very sad, as despite everything, these people worked hard to build the house and look ya now: a pure ash and coal,” a resident said.

The house was not insured.

The police confirmed that firebombings and murders have gripped the greater Central Village area since February.

“It’s pure gunshots the residents reportedly heard before the fire was discovered. We know that there is an internal feud between two gangs in the space,” a policeman, who requested anonymity because he was not authorised to speak, told The Gleaner.

Murders have climbed by 10 per cent in the St Catherine South Police Division. Thirty-four killings were recorded between January 1 and March 30, three more than for the corresponding period in 2020.