John Saldivar: ‘Politicians in my party are pretending sanctimoniously that they don’t do the same’

John Saldivar: ‘Politicians in my party are pretending sanctimoniously that they don’t do the same’

by Caribbean Chronicle
1:56 am UTC, February 15, 2020

Posted: Friday, February 14, 2020. 7:55 pm CST.

By BBN Staff: Former UDP Leader-elect and Minister of National Security, John Saldivar issued a statement today confessing that he did receive campaign contributions from international fraudster Lev Dermen.

But, in Saldivar’s release he also mentioned that he only received campaign contributions just like many other politicans on both sides of the aisle who knew Dermen.

“These contributions were not tied to any favor or quid pro quo, hence were not illegal or improper. Jacob Kingston himself has testified in one instance of campaign contributions, and in another instance was unable to say the reason for the monies. At no time in his testimony has Kingston referred to bribery in connection with any monies he claims to have given to me or to have seen given to me,” Saldivar stated.

He also added that he did not confess earlier because of the heated race for the UDP leadership.

And, the text messages revealed yesterday that Saldivar told Dermen’s associates, Jacob Kingston that some of his colleagues had gone to convention and said it was looking good.

In his closing remarks, Saldivar claimed that politicians in his own party (UDP) are pretending that they don’t do the same.

“There are some politicians even in my Party who are pretending sanctimoniously that they don’t do the same,” Saldivar asserted.

Saldivar also said that he resigned to stave off the mounting pressure on his government and party.

He ended by reiterating that he is innocent of any wrongdoing and hopes to repair the damage done.

In a press conference by Prime Minister Dean Barrow on January 15, 2020, he vowed to fire any Government minister that received funding from Dermen and at the time said, that he asked the Cabinet ministers one by one, including Saldivar, and they all denied any involvement.

Source: Breaking Belize News.