Taiwanese Embassy cautions public regarding fake news announcement

Taiwanese Embassy cautions public regarding fake news announcement

by Caribbean Chronicle
9:23 pm UTC, December 4, 2019

Posted: Wednesday, December 4, 2019. 3:22 pm CST.

By BBN Staff:  The Taiwanese Embassy in Belize issued a statement today cautioning the public regarding a fake news announcement titled “Taiwanese Government warns investors, caution with Belize” on an unofficial Taiwanese News page, being sponsored (via paid ads) and circulated on social media.

The embassy advises the public that no such announcement has been made on the official Taiwan News Facebook page: www.facebook.com/taiwannews.en/

The Embassy has worked vigorously and systematically with the Government of Belize and related stakeholders to promote and strengthen the bilateral trade ties between Belize and Taiwan.

In June this year, a Taiwanese delegation visited Belize to explore investment opportunities in the tourism industry.

More recently, in October another investment mission comprised of Taiwanese nationals from North America and Taiwan visited Belize in collaboration with the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce of Belize, BELTRAIDE and the Ministry of Agriculture to explore the investment opportunities in the agriculture sector of Belize.

“The Government of Taiwan and the Government of Belize successfully concluded a round of trade negotiation, paving the way for the signing of an Economic Cooperation Agreement to further strengthen the trade and investment relations between Belize and Taiwan. These are the ironclad facts speaking for themselves in the mightiest way that Belize and Taiwan continue to work hand in hand with each other for even stronger ties in trade and investment,” the statement noted.

The Embassy advises the general public in Belize to be keenly aware of the accuracy and truthfulness of any circulated information on social media.

The Embassy strongly recommends that when you encounter fake news:
1. Be cautious and verify facts.
2. Don’t circulate or spread!
3. Report if you are sure it’s fake.

Source: Breaking Belize News.