Pierre vows to target "all questionable transactions" of UWP govt

Pierre vows to target "all questionable transactions" of UWP govt

by Caribbean Chronicle
6:47 pm UTC, October 14, 2019

Opposition Leader Philip J Pierre has vowed to pursue "questionable transactions" conducted by the government of Prime Minister Allen Chastanet should he become the prime minister of Saint Lucia at the next general elections.

Pierre, who spoke of his loathing of corruption and corrupt practices, did not hold back in his condemnation of the government at yesterday’s open session Conference of Delegates of his Saint Lucia Labour Party in Marigot.

“When we get into government, we will immediately commission a forensic review of all questionable transactions that the UWP government undertook and we will do everything within the law to recover these monies,” Pierre said.

One of the most, if not the most experienced politicians in the cadre of politicians hoping to overthrow the government in the 2021 general elections, Pierre said that he will not tolerate corruption at any level and that no minister of government is above the law of the land.

“Corruption is a plague on our political system. It robs people of resources that could’ve been used for their benefit and I will lead by example,” Pierre said, stating that as prime minister he would have zero tolerance towards corruption.

He spoke of tightening governing rules to avoid the blatant abuse of rules that provided some latitude for honourable men in government to manage the affairs of the country effectively.

“I promise that there will be new public procurement rules to avoid the abuses that have taken place using direct awards. We will legislate and enact new laws that will ensure transparency in the awards of contracts and in the conduct of government business practices. We will strengthen the Integrity Commission. People have lost trust in government,” Pierre said.

But while all of this is contingent on a particular future outcome, Pierre consoled delegates and supporters telling them that his party has a plan that will lead it back into government.

“A plan based on a vision that will lead our great nation out of the mess that the United Workers Party government has created. A plan which will restore Saint Lucia in prosperity and growth,” he said.

According to Pierre, Saint Lucians want a government that is true to them and dedicated to making their lives better. He plans to redesign the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) to ensure transparency and accountability.

He wants the CIP to attract the most eligible, affluent people to invest in the country saying that it will be used as an investment tool for the benefit of the people of Saint Lucia and that Saint Lucians will be informed in an open and transparent way on its use.

Source: Loop News.

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