Unity will remain his focus, says DLP candidate for La Plaine Kent Edwards

Unity will remain his focus, says DLP candidate for La Plaine Kent Edwards

by Caribbean Chronicle
6:01 pm UTC, October 14, 2019


If Kent Edwards wins the La Plaine seat, unity is expected to be first on his agenda.

Edwards-the Dominica Labour Party candidate-was officially launched in La Plaine last night.

He gave DLP supporters the assurance that he will also remain “hardworking, humble and focused on the unity of that constituency”.

Edwards also promised to do his best to take this constituency forward, working with everyone in the process.

“I work hard because it’s the La Plaine way…when I am elected I want to assure you that I will remain hardworking, humble, focused on unity in this constituency,” he said.

Edwards said he will remain true to the community that has raised him. “I am who I am because of La Plaine…I am thinking the way La Plaine has done for me I want to be the one and nobody will like it more than me to see the unity that we once had come back in this constituency.”

Furthermore, he indicated that he is here today in La Plaine because the people prayed for me, “I am here today on this podium because God answers prayers, and because he answers prayers I would like us to pray for this constituency to return to the unity that we once had.”

Meantime, Edwards stated that the La Plaine constituency has come a long way compared to where it was just two short years ago.

“We must join the Prime Minister [Roosevelt Skerrit] and the Labour party in making sure that this development continues,” he noted.

Edwards also applauded the work done by outgoing Parliamentary Representative Petter Saint Jean who he said laid the foundation for so many young people in this community.

“The youth of La Plaine and the entire South East are now as equipped as those in the city for attaining higher levels of education through the efforts of Petter Saint Jean.”

St Jean was not selected to contest the La Plaine seat this time around. He only joined the campaign trail last month.

Source: Dominica News Online.

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