First recipient of Dr Khan Nedd scholarship to study sustainable agriculture

by Caribbean Chronicle
6:39 pm UTC, October 9, 2019

Lynda Douglas of Windsor Forest, St David is the first recipient of the Dr Khan Nedd Scholarship to Earth University.

Following a review of applications, Douglas was one of the two applicants shortlisted to whom the admissions test and interview were administered. The tests and interviews were administered by Earth University’s representative, Professor Amy Porter, who visited Grenada between 23-25 August specifically for that purpose. Douglas travelled to Costa Rica on 28 September to commence her Spanish immersion programme.

Douglas graduated from TA Marryshow Community College in 2014 with an Associate’s degree in Agriculture and Food Science and has diverse experience in the management of farm businesses as well as being an entrepreneur herself, involved in beekeeping business, LynBees. Earth University describes Lynda as “a highly qualified candidate who meets Earth’s admissions profile; she is passionate about agriculture and the environment; she has demonstrated leadership and entrepreneurial skills; she has a track record of achievement and meeting her goals, and she hopes to make a positive change in Grenada.”

The IAGDO and the Grouping of CSOs extend its congratulations to Douglas, a trailblazer, paving the way for other Grenadians to attend Earth University.

About Earth University

Founded in 1990, Earth is an international, nonprofit university. It targets young leaders from families and communities of modest means who are desirous of returning to their communities to be community change-makers, implementing innovative solutions to community challenges to promote community wellbeing and development.

Dr Khan Nedd, a medical doctor, is the son of the late Waple Nedd, a former Member of Parliament for South West St Andrew and a minister in the inaugural Independence Cabinet of Grenada.

Thank you message from Lynda Douglas

My name is Lynda Douglas and I have been awarded a 100% scholarship to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Agriculture on the 11 September 2019. For the past six years, I have always been active in the field of agriculture. It was at the age of 18 I decided to follow my grandfather, the late Wilbert Everard Douglas, to pursue a career in the field of agriculture.

I graduated from TA Marryshow Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Agriculture and Food Science on 17 July 2014. I then became the livestock manager at Owen Farms, a livestock farm located at La Digue, St Andrew, Grenada. From January 2015 I became the General Manager of Green Forest Farms, a mixed farm located at Morne Longue in St Andrew. I was recently employed as the farm manager of Island Farms Inc, located at Laura, St David from June 2019. Apart from being employed by these private agricultural business entities, I have been investing my time in developing a beekeeping business called LynBees, which is still in its early stages. However, I’ve been graced with the opportunity to leave it in the hands of a trustworthy person and will continue to invest in it when I return. Now I have been given this once in a lifetime opportunity, it is with great pleasure that I thank the following people responsible for doing so:

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Dr Khan Nedd and his foundation for awarding me a full scholarship to obtain my bachelor’s degree in sustainable agriculture. With the negative effects on our planet caused by man such as global warming due to deforestation from extensive crop cultivation and the endangerment of wildlife species caused by pesticides and other dangerous agricultural techniques applied, there is a definite need to develop and implement innovative methods to sustain our textile and agricultural needs without creating more long-term damage to our environment.

I would also like to acknowledge my gratitude to the IAGDO/Grenada Civil Society Organisation team. These are the people who have coordinated this scholarship and are the liaison between Earth University and other schools within my country, so without them, I would not have been able to receive this opportunity to pursue my dreams.

At Earth University, the programmes consist of both theoretical and practical teaching with environmental stewardship being an integral part of the institution’s values – which will aid in the correcting of those problems through further innovations and sustainable implementations in the field of agriculture.

To the Director of Admissions, Ramon Ariel Sanchez, and the other members of the selection process, I extend gratitude and would like to say thank you for selecting and admitting me into your prestigious institution. With this well-formulated curriculum and your goals towards sustainable rural development, there is no doubt that there were many qualified candidates that applied and after careful selection, math and reasoning logic tests and personal interviews, I am honoured that I have met your requirements and have been selected among the very few students to be enrolled in your university on a full scholarship.

Finally, a special thank you to all my friends and family that have continued to support me throughout the years. No words can describe how blessed I am for having you all as a part of my life. I am forever grateful for your continued love and support.

To all the young students of my homeland Grenada, I urge you also take up the mantle and be pioneers in the development of a sustainable agricultural sector here on our beautiful island and abroad. This is for the preservation of our tri-island state and with the aim of preserving humanity. Whoever is interested in applying for this opportunity, please visit, for more information on the degree programme available. If you have any questions on the application process, feel free to contact me (

Inter-Agency Group of Development Organisation

Source: NOW Grenada.