By: Keryn Nelson,

Demonstrations are underway today, April 30, in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. At the helm of the scene – an airbase in Caracas – are members of the military alongside Guaidó and his supporters.

The purpose of today’s demonstration according to Guaidó is to undergo the “final phase” of a plan to put a stop to Nicolás Maduro’s presidency.

Juan Guaidó standing amidst military officials near military air base before demonstrations on Tuesday

“It is a very important moment for Venezuela… we invite the world to witness what is going to happen here which, as always, is within the parameters of the Constitution– democratic and non-violent as it has been to now,” Guaidó said to the media this morning.

Not long before protests got underway did chaos ensue.

Hundreds of people eventually responded to the protest call put out by Guaidó, which in also saw the arrival of those of opposing opinions.

The demonstrations have since taken a more violent turn as people on the streets are being blasted with tear gas amidst the sounds of gunfire.

Schools and several businesses remain closed today after being reopened following Easter weekend. Prior to the reopening, schools had been closed due to several blackouts throughout the country.

The Guaidó supported coup is currently still underway.