At the end of July, St. Vincent and the Grenadines made legislative history as they presented the draft Medicinal Cannabis Industry Bill with the Public.

According the the Attorney General’s office, the draft bill is a working progress. The government therefore is currently consulting the the public before the Draft Bill is presented to the Parliament of St. Vincent on the 20th of August 2018.

The Medicinal Cannabis Industry Bill draft opening states: “AN ACT to Provide for the establishment of a Medicinal Cannabis Industry to regulate the supply, possession and use of cannabis for medicinal purposes; that is, for the treatment of persons with qualifying medical conditions; to provide for the establishment of the Medicinal Cannabis Authority and the Medicinal Cannabis Advisory Council; and for matters and purposes incidental thereto.”

The draft in its entirety can be found on

There is are two other bills which works in conjunction with the Draft legislation. They are the “Cannabis Cultivation (Amnesty) Bill, 2018 and The Permitted Use of Cannabis For Religious Purposes Act 2018.