The Ministry of Health and Wellness in Barbados has informed the Barbadian public that recent analytical results from the Medicines Quality Control and Surveillance Department (formerly CARPHA laboratory) have indicated that analysis of samples of Indapamide 1.5mg and Valsartan 160mg and 320mg manufactured by Ciron Drugs and Pharmaceuticals PVT Ltd failed to meet the dissolution test and, as a result, have been withdrawn from the market.

In a statement Monday, the Health Ministry said it would therefore seek in the interim to ensure that patients on these products “are not disadvantaged” and will, therefore, continue to supply the Diovan®160mg and 320mg tablets, the Novartis brand of Valsartan.

“Natrilix SR® 1.5mg, the Servier brand of Indapamide will also be made available. We are therefore advising patients to consult with their pharmacists to determine if their particular brand is affected,” the Ministry said.

Barbadians were also informed that the Valsartan affected by the recent recall on the international market is not available locally through the Barbados Drug Service. And, it should also be noted that the Servier brand of Indapamide, Natrilix SR, was not part of the recall.

“We, therefore, wish to assure the Barbadian public that the Ministry of Health and Wellness stands behind the Barbados Drug Service in commitment to its mission to provide quality pharmaceuticals to all residents of Barbados at an affordable price and to serve the beneficiaries in a courteous and efficient manner.”

“We will continue to keep abreast of all warnings from the international regulatory agencies to safeguard the interest of our population,” the Ministry said.