By: Chronicle Reporter,

Trinidad & Tobago Police have confirmed a multi-million-dollar drug, firearm and ammunition bust on Tuesday at an apartment in an residential area on the island, Westmoorings Diego Martin just after noon.

The Drugs & Ammo found

Five people were arrested including a relative of a senior government official.

According to police, the bust has Venezuelan and Mexican drug cartel linkage and stands at some US$2.2million or $TT15million.

The intelligence driven operation was expected by the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) and Commissioner of Police himself Gary Griffith in the west of the capital of Port of Spain.

More drugs

“I intend to cripple the trade of gangas and others who continue to bring in guns and drugs into this country,” the COP said.

Police reportedly received a tip off on Monday.

Four people were nabbed at the house while a fifth, who fled the scene, was later cornered by police in a BMW sedan.

The Trinidad Police Commissioner has said that all involved in the drug ring will be dealt with regardless of who they are. 

“I am cutting the food chain, cutting the drug trade. The more drugs I seize, the more it is they are going to make mistakes. the More mistakes they make, the more I am going to keep pegging them back,” he said.