In 2018, history was made in Antigua and Barbuda, when Prime Minister Gaston Browne, his Cabinet, and Parliament colleagues adopted legislation to create a medical Cannabis industry. 

This, Prime Minister Browne highlighted, was a key move to be innovative in regards to economic diversification for the country. 

A medical Cannabis industry would allow our nation to access a part of this burgeoning market, PM Browne hinted. 

“We have received proposals from a number of reputable, international firms that are experienced with medical Cannabis.  One of these firms is willing to partner with the Rastafarian community and our government has agreed that the medicinal Cannabis licensing fee would be waived for businesses owned by members of the Rastafarian community,” Prime Minister Browne announced. 

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has long expressed solidarity with the Rastafarian Community.

In 2018 PM Browne issued a public apology to the Rastafarian Community in a letter presented to Parliament. The apology was also presented to the OAS.