President David Granger today urged Guyanese to not be daunted by the outcome of the December 21, 2018 vote, but rather galvanise for what will be a resounding victory at the next general and regional elections.

The Head of State was addressing a massive crowd of Coalition supporters at Vreed-en-Hoop in Region 3, Essequibo Island-West Demerara this afternoon.

According to President Granger, the government is faced with a challenging situation, albeit, not of its own making, however, there have been hurdles in the past that were overcome and “we will rise to this challenge again.”  He said while the government cannot reverse what happened in the National Assembly, Guyana must press on.

 “The Speaker has spoken, and we respect the Speaker, and we also have spoken. We met with the opposition, and we agreed that that National Assembly has work to do. I have not dissolved Parliament, neither have I resigned. There is no such thing as an interim government or caretaker government. According to the Constitution, I remain President, until the next president is sworn in,” the Head of State said to the cheering crowd. 

He told supporters that some 207,200 Guyanese went to polls in May 2015 and registered their support for the Coalition Government. The same must be done this time around. The work, he said, must be completed.

“You elected us to do a job, let us finish the job. Give us a chance to finish the job. Put us in the driving seat, and you will see the transformation, the change in every region,” the Head of State exclaimed. 

According to the President, the coalition remains a legal legitimate government. He said nothing done so far by the administration is outside the rule of the law.  According to him, whatever decisions are made in the courts will be followed by due process; however, the government will move to every stage until it has exhausted every element and aspect of the law.

Addressing the crossover by former MP Charrandass Persaud on December 21, last, President Granger said;

[Persaud’s actions were] “undemocratic, cruel and callous… since you don’t consult with your constituency, you don’t consult with your leaders, you just stab in the back.”

He said Guyanese have to choose wisely who they want to lead the country in the years ahead. According to the president, voting for a party that stamped on local democracy for 23 years is definitely not the way to go.

“We must not relent. We must ensure that every person in West Demerara is registered. We will support you, we will protect you, and we will guarantee your rights. Bring more persons into our organisation; let them know they have a home,”. 

The Head of State spoke of the transformation brought to Guyana in just three years. He recalled that just before the change of government in 2015, pensioners were receiving a mere $7,500 monthly. Today that amount stands at 0ver $20,000. Teachers who were receiving a minimum wage of just $32,000 have seen a stark increase to $60,000 in three short years.

President Granger said the government remains a coalition of six serious parties.

“We are better together,” he said.