By Keryn Nelson

Twain Richardson has made a commitment to taking Caribbean entertainment and content sharing to the next level. 

Snagged “Jamaica’s very own Netflix”, VueTure isan online tv show, live events, film and digital content streaming website founded by Richardson himself. The intention, he says, is to showcase Caribbean culture and entertainment to the world.

Twain Richardson, CEO

In an interview, Richardson told Caribbean Chronicle, “This is important because not much attention is given to Caribbean content on a whole. The more established online streaming platforms focus mainly on content that is Non-Caribbean in origin, and we saw the need to give the Caribbean its own platform to express itself to the world.”

Hosted on the online domain, the service will officially launch on January 1, 2019 and will feature 70 hours of content including plays by Jamaican Playright, Basil Dawkins. According to VueTure’s Operations Officer Andre Spaulding, “Our aim is to start with original content coming out of Jamaica, which spans an array of genres: We have series centred on entrepreneurship like The Innovators; Fashion via Mission Catwalk; Music & Entertainment via Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall; Documentaries such as Bonds of Promised Land, which tells the story of Chinese Immigration to our region, but specifically, Jamaica; and a few short films such as Pillow Man.” 

As things progress, the goal, he said, is to add content from neighbouring Caribbean countries. “We are currently in negotiations with content creators from outside of Jamaica who have shown interest in submitting their content to our platform in the coming months,” Spaulding explained.

In a world where web streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu have grown into viable competitors of traditional media, Richardson believes the Caribbean’s unique culture will set VueTure apart. 

A key component to the new site is the ability of Caribbean nationals, the Caribbean diaspora and anyone interested to view live performances from the website – a service similarly available on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Spaulding lamented, “Our culture has an influence on the world and we plan on providing the ultimate experience. People who want to be at Reggae Sumfest, for example, will have the opportunity to subscribe and watch. We also plan to team up with promoters from across the region to have their festivals and performances streamed live. We will be bringing additional value to their shows by featuring their past events through our On-Demand offering.”

Subscription to VeuTure will be available at a monthly cost of U.S $7 for access to all content. “New users will be given a one day trial period initially before being required to pay for access to or to continue watching from our content selection,” Richardson added.