Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Corporate Governance, the Hon. Gaston Browne has selected the theme, “Building a more resilient economy,” for his government’s work for 2019.

In delivering his Budget Statement on Thursday in the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Browne said that his government is acutely conscious of what the people of our country want.

Employment…Housing…Education for their children…Good quality health care… Reliable water and electricity supply…Good roads for their motor vehicles…Safety and security from crime and violence…And, resilience to protect them from the ravages of hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.”

“Our government is fully committed to the attainment of those aspirations of the people.

All of them cannot be accomplished overnight, and none of them will be achieved without the effort of all.  But, they are being done, steadily and consistently.  And they are being done, despite those who, without any basis in fact, claim otherwise,” Prime Minister Browne said.

Prime Minister Browne noted that his Budget presentation, will lay out, as a matter of fact, the accomplishments of his government so far, in pursuit of delivering fulfillment of the people’s aspirations.  “I will provide hard evidence of how this Budget addresses the nation’s future throughBuilding a more resilient economy,” he said.

The Budget presentation is expected to outline how government plans to grow the economy in 2019.