The Government of Antigua and Barbuda and Carnival [Cruise] Corporation have issued a joint press statement outlining that an agreement has been met between the two parties and, most importantly, calls to the twin island state will be as scheduled for the 2019-2020 cruise period.

In the statement, the Antigua government said both had “expressed the desire to maintain excellent working relations and have agreed for cruise services to resume as originally scheduled.”

The agreement came following a meeting in the USA over the weekend.

The statement, as published below, is said to “[outline] the long history of both entities and expressed the desire to build on the current relations.”

In early March, contention between Carnival Cruise Line and Antigua & Barbuda became global news due to a tax increase that will be imposed on the island’s new and improved cruise ports, making it the most expensive in the Caribbean.

We attached the joint press statement issued following negotiations between government and Carnival Corporation.

DOWNLOAD STATEMENT HERE: Press Release Final 4 Signed